Expanding your reach


In this section of our B2B Playbook, we look at the organic and paid search methods you can use to expand your reach and drive relevant traffic that will lead to conversions.


Expanding your reach

It doesn’t matter if your website is home to the best content in the entire industry; without relevant traffic, you can not generate leads and sales.

SEO (comprised of technical SEO, content and online PR), PPC, programmatic and social media are all channels you need to invest in if you are to drive high-quality traffic to your site.


Which section is right for me?

Our beginner section is perfect for businesses who want to improve their knowledge of SEO, PPC, programmatic, and social media and learn more about how these channels can drive qualified traffic.

Our intermediate section contains resources for businesses who grasp the concepts of each channel but need help implementing a strategy which will drive high-quality traffic.

Our advanced section is for businesses who already have a strategy in place but want to utilize their data to create a full-funnel strategy which drives customers to their site at every stage of the customer journey.






Direct response vs branding: should you pay for upper funnel activity?

Our Head of Paid Media looks at the factors to consider when choosing your mix of direct response and brand awareness advertising.

Considerations for your B2B PPC strategy

In this blog we discuss the different challenges faced by B2B businesses and how these can be overcome in your PPC strategy.

How to identify the right SEO strategy for your industry

We find out how useful sector-specific variances in aggregated data are when it comes to deciding on your SEO strategy.

Creating content for digital objectives

Content can have many aims, but each piece usually only has one. We look at four main content types: on-site, ranking, link acquisition and brand awareness.



What is account-based marketing and how can it shape your digital strategy?

Learn how to use data from your account-based marketing to define your digital marketing strategy and drive conversions.

Identifying decision makers in the B2B customer journey

There can be as many as five decision-makers involved in the B2B sales funnel. We run through how to identify who you should target in your digital strategy

How to create a B2B content strategy that converts

Learn what types of content to produce at every stage of the B2B customer journey, as well as how to come up with content ideas, in our blog.

What is Campaign Manager?

Our Head of Programmatic breaks down what Google Campaign Manager (formerly known as DoubleClick) is, and how it can be used.


What is sequential messaging and how can it improve your paid social performance?

This blog runs through what sequential messaging is and how it can be used to improve the performance of your paid social campaigns.

Using Google’s Universal Sentence Encoder as a measure of content relevance in SEO

Using Google’s Universal Sentence Encoder, we’ve created a Content Relevancy Tool which uses visuals cues to represent how Google measures content relevancy.

Keywords, acronyms, and expanding into European markets – guidance for tech marketers

Keywords, acronyms, and expanding into European markets – guidance for tech marketers

If you’re in the tech sector and expanding or operating internationally, download our acronym guide to ensure you’re optimizing for the right terms.



JavaScript and SEO: six rules to follow for perfect rendering and indexation

Using JavaScript can negatively impact your website’s online visibility. Follow these six rules to ensure your website can be crawled by search engines.

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